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Harmon Shop Replacement, Phases 3 and 5

Harmon, New York<br style='line-height:2px'>Metro-North Railroad

The 275,000-square-foot Harmon Yard and Shop complex is located in Westchester County, 40 miles north of New York City. The $300 million bright and airy facility replaced a 100-year-old shop that was inefficient and inadequate for its skilled workforce.

HAKS performed construction inspection services at the Metro-North Harmon Yard as a major subcontractor for Phase 3 of the Harmon Shop replacement.  The overall project also included construction of a wheel truing facility, M-7 bench test equipment and MTA Police K-9 Yard.

The project involved removal of existing tracks, pavements and electrical feeds; construction of pile-supported foundations for a coach shop, a locomotive shop and a wheel truing facility; construction of new employee parking lots; replacement of more than a dozen realigned tracks; overhaul of two electrical substations; and associated electrical work.

Initially, HAKS’ involvement with the project focused on installing piling for various building foundations and structures. Tapertube piles were installed, which measured 18 inches in diameter on top and 8 inches on the bottom.  The friction piles were generally driven as much as 25 feet, fitted with reinforcing steel cages, then filled with concrete.  For lengths greater than 25 feet, 18-inch cylinder piles were used.

HAKS inspected removal of existing structures and buildings to make way for the new construction of foundations, buildings and electrical substations. We also inspected the installation of electrical lines, components and equipment. The end product is an expanded and modern state-of-the-art equipment maintenance and repair facility that will provide for the future needs of Metro-North.

Based on our work on Phase 3, HAKS was selected as a major subconsultant for Phase 5, Stage 1 work on the Harmon Shop Replacement Program.  This phase involves site and trackwork; demolition and replacement of the eastern side of the Harmon Main Shop Building with a two-track, 10-car double-ended Consist Shop; demolition of the Blow Shed; and work on other miscellaneous structures.  The project encompasses pre-construction, construction and closeout.